Imagine if every decision you make at the start of your day has far-reaching consequences.

As nuclear bombing pulverizes everything above ground, find out how five individuals experience the catastrophe in the tunnels below the surface. This book walks, then runs, moment to moment, starting with a typical day in five ordinary lives, through a global catastrophic event.

Luming finds his comfortable life in conflict with lessons imprinted on him by his Chinese mother. Jane, a dealmaker, has a quirky hobby of preparing for catastrophes. Dan, is an off-beat corporate executive facing retirement. Lois, postgraduate in Mandarin and statistics, creates algorithms around spiderweb designs. Michael is a narcissistic corporate attorney whose bread and butter is sabotaging deals.

Realistic and gripping, the story describes the impact of a devastating nuclear event on the lives of these five individuals – the steps they must take and the moral dilemmas that are created just by being alive.  As civilization emerges, individuals break free of fragile cultural structures to provide hope toward a nascent future. This book presents a unique perspective into corporate America, scientific innovation, and underground marijuana growers and seed-savers.


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