Capturing the Butterfly

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you got a chance to go back in time and change one single thing? What if that small change completely altered history as we know it? This thought-provoking tale transcends the lives of Mina, Claudius and Pink, a lonely bear in hibernation. Be prepared to be transported to the 1950s where each character bravely changes their course and as a result, history is changed forever. 

What small act can change the world so greatly, to make one pause to reflect on life’s choices?


Lazarus Rising

Imagine if every decision you make at the start of your day has far-reaching consequences.

As nuclear bombing pulverizes everything on the surface, there are the few who have found their way into tunnel systems as this book walks, then runs, starting with a typical day in five lives.


Fiber Art

Sumi-e painting and Indigo-Shibori fabric wall hangings